Fashion at Pace

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos, What a day for FASHION, well any day is a fashion
day. However on December 8th, that was a day to remember it was the PACE Fashion Extravaganza!!

From beginning to end the night was a hit, the models were working it down the runway. Oh! and the music was to die for, it made you want to get up out your seat and dance (and that's what they did) during intermission they had a dance contest. After the show people mingled and chatted about the fashion show.

Models Of The RunWay

The models wore the clothes very well, they wore the clothes the clothes didn't wear them. The designers did a great job of picking the right music and models for their lines.

The designers to look out for in the near future are CTP, DBK and Kadianne Scott, Watch out for these designers on the runway.

Sadly if you didn't attend the fashion show, you missed out on a lot. Next show you must, must, MUST attend.

To My Fashionable Friends... I Know You Have A Sweet Tooth



Pace University Fashion Show

Pace University
(1 Pace Plaza New York, NY 10038)
CSA Annual Fashion Affair
December 12, 2009
8pm to 11pm
Free Admission and Food
Student Union
(B level on the westside)
*Bring I.d and yes there will be security so don't act up and don't bring anything with you that you're not supposed to have ;-)

Come show support to the school, CSA and your lovely ladies of SweetTreats....Yes we will be modeling in the show :-)

Hugs and Kisses!!!! Hope to see you there!


Is He Seriously Wearing...Uggs for GirlS

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos,

There is something that I had been wondering about, but Shani thought I should share it with you fashionable people...
A year ago, I would see boys and their Ralph Lauren's, American eagle, etc... all looking the same except for a group who stood out. However some genius thought it would be cool, cute , and thought that he would be different by wearing Girl Uggs!. First of all that's a no no, I mean can girls have something for them selves do you boys have to take that over also? You wanna wear skinny jeans which is not a problem don't get me wrong but girl Uggs...should just be for girls. The worse part about that one extra guy wearing Uggs, he had to spread the silly idea around to others who are willing to follow, and now a load full of boys who said "oh I would never wear girl Uggs"...umm apparently have them on as we speak. Also keep in mind that it's not cute for a guy with girl Uggs to approach a girl looking sex-c, nice jeans, nice shirt, nice face, nice smile... and than you look down and he's wearing girly boots...that's when you just walk away.

Not For Every One

Honestly I think they saw a Caucasian person wearing them and thought to them self "I could rock those... but better"-_-. Ummm first of all your not Caucasian you cant wear everything a Caucasian person can they have their own style that we do tend to steal at times,but not the boys wearing the girl Uggs, just not that. Its like a Caucasian person wearing corn rows, or talking like they were black... no no please lets not embarrass ourselves.

Uggs Is On Our Side...Thank God

I feel that Uggs Company, has felt the same way I do and other females and they came up with the brilliant idea of making Uggs for guys and girls, making them unisex. As most of you have seen the unisex Uggs are rugged like boys but also has fur for the girls. That's what also confuses me that the boys wear them with the Ugg folded so the fur could show, is that honestly why you guys wear them because of the fur, because it keeps your feet fluffy warm -_-. Well you guys got your wish with the unisex Uggs.

So guys please retire the girl Uggs and just go with the unisex Uggs, cause its really not attractive :D

TN... I Know You Have A Sweet Tooth


Black Goes A Long Way

BLACK...Black can be portrayed in different ways. If you wear black some may think you are Gothic, Emo, or a bicker. What happened to black just being more than a color and apart of a style. Black can be a women's safety net. It can frame and slim you, never gets out dated and can take you almost anywhere. It can be chic and stylish, classic yet modern... if you wear it right. At times wearing black at the top half of your body does not always work for everyone. However any woman can wear it at the bottom. Anyone can wear black. However as women get older wearing black can drain your face and neck.


Black can easily look cheap, and washed out if the fabric and quality is good. With black there are different shades and trying to match shirt to skirt or a pair of pants can be difficult. Black silk is different from black cotton.

  • Try wearing black on the areas that you want to slim down, (hips, stomach, and arms, even the young ladies who have a full bust area). Wear color on the other areas.

  • Black can work best with warm colors like ( red, purple, pink)... not so much yellow. Don't want to look like a bumble bee. Also cool colors like (midnight blue, and emerald green). It looks very chic when black and navy blue is added.

  • Make black obviously black by wearing black and white. Example white V-neck or collard shirt with a black cardigan can brighten up the hint of white shirt.

  • When wearing black in the summer, black can be topped off with an sexy, eye-catching color. Like teal blue, orange, dark blue and purple.

  • A summer white trench coat can look chic with a sexy black pair of fierce heels.


A NO NO is wearing black shoes with a black dress or skirt. Go for a popping color shoe. Your not going to a funeral everyday.


" You can wear black anytime you can wear it at an any age and you may wear it on almost any occasion".- Christian Dior

A little black dress can be a women's safety net. It can make you look taller and thinner also it is timelessly chic. There are many variations on the famous black dress. It can fit any mood, and occasion. From a basic shift dress, to an elegant cocktail gown. The only fashion rule with wearing black is to find a dress that really fits your body.



Chivalry is not DEAD!

Chivalry is not DEAD!

I must say I believe just as does the next female, that chivalry and the whole being a “gentleman” thing has actually become non existent in a sense. But I am HERE TO inform you and let you know there is still some left out there! I am writing tonight to share my experience with you. I have over the years become a young woman that was just settling for average, jus being there and being barely satisfied. But there are actually good men out there, with manners and morals, and a sense of being that actually want to treat you right simply because as a woman, you DESERVE IT! I MUST say I know that this is something hard for everyone’s ear to believe, But as I stepped out with my MANGO SMOOTHIE (named changed, even though sums up how delicious and sweet he is ;)) on Saturday night I was proved wrong. I simply was left in a happy ecstatic state of shock when we stepped out the car to reach our destination Mango Smoothie got to the elevator and waited until I entered to follow. I waited to see if it was something that was done simply because he didn’t notice or because it was habit. I soon found out. It was something that he did effortlessly and simply because that was the right thing to do. This all in its own is a mind blower and after speaking with Mango Smoothie about it he said. But it’s what you deserve. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that, well … I would have ten cents. Ha-ha. But what he said made me think? Why have we , as females allowed ourselves to simply put up with the crap , bite the bullet , not feel as if we deserve anything better that what we are receiving .? Im not sure about this answer but throughout the night Mango Smoothie was nothing but an absolute gentleman as we were sitting outside waiting to be seated at my favorite restaurant where he was nothing other then ready , willing , and open to trying some new food . That was another great think. People in general have just become so close minded to trying new things and having new experiences and really in a way just being Too DAMN comfortable. It was refreshing to see his excitement and made me enjoy the night even more. At the end of the dinner Mango Smoothie left a nice tip and paid for the bill after refusing to take my offer up for putting in, and even still as we exited he held open the door of the restaurant to let me pass. Naturally! All in all I may have had a life changing experience that has made me look at men in a whole new light. After this I can truly and honestly say that Ladies! Chivalry is not dead! And Fellas, maybes its time to step you game up and think about the little things, because to us females that’s what matters the most. And fellas if I am describing you keep up what you are doing! Ladies lets take some time out and think about what we really want and what we really deserve. If you guys have any stories that you want to share leave them here! Until next time Stay Sweet!


Chris Black Birthday Bash

Show love to the kid CHRIS BLACK at his 23rd Birthday Bash!!!!

Blue Villa
510 East 185th street off Third Ave Bronx, NY
December 19th 2009
Ladies free before 12AM
$20 to get in
Leave the drama at the door
80s and 90s themed dress code!!!

*-: Ladies show some special love to the honey! :-*
See you there :)


Tis The Season For Great Fashion

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos, I know it has been a while but I am back with a lot to say. I hope all of you attended the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and H&M on November 14th. It was a great experience all the women and teens had a blast. There was something for everyone, if you are a animal print diva, punk rock chic, or just have the flare for the night life you were in shopping heaven. All the prices were reasonable for very sexy clothes, jewelery and bags. Sadly I wasn't able to purchase anything because by the time I had gotten there everything was gone. Other than that the experience was a great one and I enjoyed every moment of it.


Tis the season for great fashion. December is an inspirational month for great winter white themed celebrations. Like a winter wonderland wedding, all white parties and the biggest celebration of all is DECEMBER FASHION SHOWS!. A fashion show that should not be missed is at Pace University. December 8th will be a night to remember beautiful clothes, beautiful guys and girls, including three familiar faces modeling, Me, Shani and Ray will be strutting on the cat walk. SO PLEASE COME AND JOIN US ON DECEMBER 8TH FOR A FASHION SHOW YOU WILL REMEMBER!

Tell Everyone!